Helicopter Charter

Helicopter travel is the ultimate in door to door service.

Helicopter Charter

The use of helicopters enables you to fly from and to private landing sites such as hotels, golf courses, sports fields or your home.

This allows you to get much closer to your destination, saving you valuable time and eliminating the need for airport transfers.

Helicopters come in a variety of configurations, but usually seating around four people comfortably, although up to eight passengers in larger VIP models. Private landing sites need to meet a minimum criteria, so please contact the SaxonAir flight operations team for further advice on the requirements for helicopter operation. Helicopters are ideal to view specific sites from the air and are often the only way to see locations in complete perspective.

The use of helicopters has become extremely popular for travel direct into sporting events. Helicopter charter flights are available for many specialist events including Horse Racing, F1 Grand Prix, Moto GP and Open Golf Championships. Each event has its own dedicated helicopter landing site that enables you direct access. What better feeling than to look down at the endless queues of traffic leaving the event, knowing you’ll be back at home whilst their journey has only just begun.

Helicopters are an excellent and dramatic mode of transport for weddings. Whether the groom and his best man arrive in true ‘James Bond’ style or the bride and groom making that ultimate departure from the church or reception. The use of helicopter charter for your wedding will really give you and your guests a truly special day to remember for a long time to come.

Or for quick access to the very heart of London, have you thought of using helicopter charter to the heliport at Battersea? It is a quick and convenient way to enter the capital with no fuss or delays.

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